Offering Services

TruLogics Application Development Services have been designed to upgrade your business - smoothly and efficiently. TruLogics provides application solutions to help businesses cut across market clutter and stay ahead of competition. At TruLogics, we understand a client’s unique and distinct business processes, and develop business-critical applications accordingly to suit the unique requirements.

We develop applications across multi -dimensional business areas addressing real business situations by:

  • Planning Strategically.
  • Combining domain expertise with advance technology
  • Reducing Deployment Cycle Time
  • Increasing Operational Efficiency
  • Minimizing Cost

A wide range of expertise and experience in new and cutting-edge technologies, along with its ability to apply its deep knowledge and know-how, provides customers with effective and efficient solutions to their business challenges.

We believe in “Quality”, it is the most vital part of a service offering. Hence, TruLogics follows stringent Quality Management Systems and performs vigorous quality checks and tests to provide superior, timely, and accurate deliverables every time.


We help organizations stay competitive, win new markets and increase shareholder value by leveraging the full potential of the latest disruptive technologies. Help enable organizations to reinvent their future and create robust and lasting business value. Because our talented teams sit at the intersection of industry, process and technology, we are uniquely positioned to drive measurable results for you. Strategize, design and implement growth platforms in a seamlessly integrated way experience transforming business from the inside out. Our programs focus on achieving actionable results in rapid succession to help you show value to your stakeholders.

Dev Ops

What is DevOps to us? It’s a Culture. Let us help your organization enhance the ability to deliver services or applications briskly, with improved quality and continuously. We also provide Cloud setup and migration services to further enhance and become lightweight.

To thrive in the digital world, enterprises must constantly evolve and adapt to market dynamics and changes. This means having the agility to spot and seize opportunities fast, introduce new products on demand, revamp business processes as needed, increase operational efficiency, and create new business models. It is also important that enterprises remain focused on customer centricity, intertwined with business agility, to drive business value. But this requires the complete enterprise ecosystem to be truly agile - across business and technology.

Transforming the way enterprises align to the flow of value with a product focus, underpinned by the adoption of Agile DevOps across the value stream, can help the C-suite drive business agility and deliver innovative, superior products and services, attuned to the needs of customers.

Application/Product Development

We give shape to your ideas. Get in touch with us……Sharing your vision is just the start, the journey covers developing custom applications to turn your idea into reality and help realize your vision. Leverages its technical prowess, deep domain knowledge, consulting capabilities, intellectual property (IP) assets, and methodologies to deliver next-generation, future-ready applications which help our clients in meeting their strategic priorities.

Whether your company is a startup, established business or enterprise our process offers a wide range of services to meet your specific need. From design services and development to testing and maintenance, we have the experience and know-how to take your company from concept to launch.

We excel at crafting digital experiences that both look and work impressive. With digital products and services disrupting every industry by opening new horizons of generating business values, we love to build applications of all shapes and sizes. Be it a cutting-edge mobile app or a complex web application, our specialists know how to take advantage of the latest technologies. In that way, we make complex things seem simple.

Agile culture helps us to handle uncertainty more efficiently and makes our team more Adaptive, Flexible, and Innovative. We specialize in developing full-stack, hybrid, and native applications. If your existing business should be digitally transformed by integrating with legacy systems or robust environments are to be built from scratch, we approach complex challenges with prime focus on delivering user-friendly digital solutions.

This is all about you! You have a vision for your product and the expertise in your industry. We are here to help you translate your vision into a digital strategy. Our process creates a clear understanding of your desired outcomes with a focus on the future state of your business.

Design is more than just making things look pretty. Our goal is to understand the client and user interactions to create an optimal user experience. Simplifying your users life with an enjoyable UI/UX experience is the key to user adoption. During this process we create different designs by taking inspiration from the real world and latest trends to come up with experiences your users will love.

Application integration Services

As an established organization or a start-up platform, your existing or in progress or initiated applications have to deal with various processes and data and have a need to communicate effectively.

We are here to embark with you on this fundamental digital transformation journey and help you perform business in new and innovative ways. We can help you break the barriers between various applications and bring in the integration enabling them to work together seamlessly and with minimal manual intervention.

Be it a one time application data movement, fully duplex synchronization or on-demand data processing, we make it possible and help combine technologies and services empowering your enterprise.

Technology Re-engineering

The reengineering technology trend is not an exercise in retooling. Rather, it is about challenging every assumption, designing for better outcomes, and, ultimately, creating an alternate IT delivery model for the future. Considering to go with Re-engineering from the bottom-up or from the top-down, talk to our experts who can suggest, guide and walk with you to perform necessary actions and achieve your re-engineering goals. We enable organizations to analyse and transform raw data into useful and meaningful information which can help organizations for fast decision making and responsiveness.

Quality Engineering and Testing

The full spectrum of Software or Enterprise application quality validation is required to understand and perform better quality analysis and make sure your process works as expected and perform according to the business expectations. With our leading quality expertise, sophisticated and proven methodologies, accelerators and performers be rest assured to enhance your customer value, meaningful and measurable business outcomes.

With our Quality Engineering team, the emphasis is on creating a lot of automated test cases closer to your development code. So, you develop a large set of unit test cases closer to development code and you have lots of area for automated test cases and you do lots of UA-related test cases. This enables you to do rapid development or verification very easily in a heightened manner, so you can complete your validations very quickly.


TruLogics works with software development / services companies by giving effective resources and maximize value to their customers. TruLogics experience and standard software development process helps to create innovative software solutions with high reliability. With the principle of 'kitchen should be near to dining', we are seeking partners who are easily accessible and near to end customers and who can provide great client experience.

We are seeking to partner with those companies who can provide the best client experience and who are easily accessible to clients. As a partner we will provide a team which has experience in software outsourcing and can deliver a great value for money. Our team works on behalf of partner for their clients and it increases partner's competitive advantage, efficiency and profit.

Some highlights of our business practice are:

  • Confidentiality of your business when you outsource to us
  • Our programmers works with the identity of partner as virtual offshore development team
  • On time completion of projects
  • Promise to quality
  • Helping our customers in times of crisis
  • Justify our price
  • We just keep our relationship limited to our partner and never approach their customers.